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I bought mine used..a 2006 with the windshield..whitewalls..lots of high dollar accessories. It had been 30 years since I had a ride. Needless to say I had a learning curve. It's been 3 years now and it still wants to pull my hands off the grips from a standing start. Every time I mount this beast it blows my mind with its sheer torque and power. 102 cubes it rocks...and did I mention the paint is black lacquer with gold Metalflake from the factory?..simply stunning...I bought a short 1/4 blacked out short windshield or I can mount the stock clear full windshield for slow crusin..ornchanhe to a complete upper fairing lower fairings....so it can be any kind of bike I want it to be. Loweredinbtjebrear and mean looking no matter what's up front, heads turn and I'm sure most 9f them are guessing what steed I'm on. But the bottom line is it's fast...scary fast...yes even after 3 years it still makes my family jewels shrink before I hit 5th gear.I feel so lucky I came across this beast from someone without the appreciation of the perfect combination of style and performance. Oh...what a lucky man I am..
- Rick Taber, Tennessee

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