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I first was concerned with not buying a model with eps because of the size of this machine my other machine is a 99 big bear 350 2wd and is very nimble and easy to handle on All terain my need for a 4wd with a low range brought me to getting the kodiak my first impressions were very pleasing but lime Ted to field work and light use during break in period the first trip I took was 12 mile rock pile called a road in nevada better known as a boulder dash after the first five miles I located a deer for my buddy's son while they made a stock on the deer I familiarized my self with the tool kit that came with the bike spending an hour tightening loose bolts on guards and brackets as I developed a few rattles the rest of the trip was trouble free except for loosing my hat due to speed issues my day was 8 hours of rocks and I was ready for more the next trip was a little more speed intense with some serios grade changes ruts rocks and bumps didn't notice lack of eps
- Anonymous, nevada

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