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I heard all of the warnings about buying a Chinese scooter, but after careful research decided to go with a Flyscooter based on the dedicated effort of their business team to produce a quality scootering experience. I have not been disappointed. While the build quality is not up to Honda level, the performance, reliability and comfort is worth well beyond the price I paid. I commute on the scooter regularly (weather permitting), and would not hesitate to ride it anywhere. The scooter handles great, reaches approx 60 mph. on level roads (with my weight!) and averages 73 mpg. while doing it. Actually, I've received more compliments and questions with this scooter than all of my motorcycles combined (CBR, VFR & FJR). I can't stop for gas without doing an interview. There are only two things I wish were different/better: 1) Bigger fuel tank. The tank is 1.8 gallons to bone dry. A 2.5 gallon tank would be about perfect and looks like it would've fit. 2) Better headlights. The headlights are projector style - many motorcycle manufacturers thought they were cool and put them on their bikes only to realize that the total area illuminated is less, particularly near field. Regular old reflector style would have been better IMO. Unfortunately, Flyscooters went out of business. Too many buyers of Chinese scooters are focused only on price instead of quality, and it's tough to compete that way. They decided to throw in the towel rather than cheapen their product. If you have an opportunity to buy a used unit (that's been well maintained), I would say don't hesitate. I'm very happy with mine. The Cadenza is generously sized and features 16" wheels so anyone small to extra large can ride it comfortably. Happy scootering!
- Kedosto, San Leandro, California

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