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I've had this bike for a few years now was down one cylinder due to carbs needing rebuilt, did everything to it that a 20 year old bike needs, went over everything, rebuilt many things clutch, etc..I rode a xt600 dual sport since i was a teenager and wanted to check out a cruiser and the price was right so i trailered it home. Still have more in parts in this bike than it will ever be worth but that's usually how it goes. Overall it's been a good bike tons of power for a stock 800, this thing will out accelerate a lot of other vehicles and it's really quick but it is geared low so anything over 65 is a little uncomfortable as it's not a highway bike. At first the cruiser handling was a little foreign to me and left me thinking that maybe i had a sticky steering head bearing but it's just how it is with the angle of rake it has on the forks you have to really power through corners to keep it stable. Overall I learned to like this bike and it's made a great addition to the stable and I plan on keeping it around, probably wouldn't part with it for under 2 grand even then i would be a bit torn. Only a few things i dont like about it, it's geared low so it doesn't like highway speeds, it's a little viby, but i think thats just a common thing with the v twin engines in general, the power off idle is a little twitchy,thought it was a carb sync issue but it seems it's just how it is, and I dont like the buckhorn handlebars, just a weird hand angle that gets uncomfortable after a while. Waiting for a set of drag bars and risers to show up on ebay off a later bike for cheap to fix the bar issue. So if you see one of these older intruders with decent miles on it for cheap grab it up because it's worth it, just know that it's a 20 year old bike and it will need work, and if you aren't doing the work yourself then it's not going to be worth "taking it to the shop" when you get the bill, grab a shop manual and get it done.
- Noel, Ohio

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