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My first heavy cruiser is like a big old truck. Good power to rear wheel and can pull out of 1st gear at idle speed ( like a big truck in 1st gear). Handling always suggest to (just Cruise at the posted speeds). Is capable of highway speeds with more to spare. The 1998 Yamaha 650 also I have preforms close to the 1100 and is very capable in the street and highway also! They are Not a dirt bike. Cross bike or sport bike . They have a quirky, fun and casual feel to them. Reminding me to Just Cruise and ( get there when You Get there). Whether taking a 100 mile trip or cruising around town it is reliable and casual! Outfitted with windscreen and saddlebags , it is a good fit for my riding style! Compared to larger Yamaha’s and other Brands of Cruisers, I am very satisfied with the Vstar 650 and 1100!
- Vince, Ohio

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