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This is the 5th bike I have owned since I started riding in 1986, and the second bike I have purchased brand new. I got the 2014 CTX700D as a leftover in 2016. This is overall by far the best motorcycle I have owned. Mine is the 6 speed manual, and I added the hard saddle cases, a Cee Baileys high windscreen, a center stand, a Corbin saddle, a luggage rack/backrest and a gear indicator. Handling is the main key to a great motorcycle. This is one of the the easiest to handle street motorcycles there is. Even for it's 500 lb weight, it's does what you want it to do, when you want it to do it. Braking is beautiful, more than adequate even in paanic situations. Mine is non-ABS, but even so you wouldn't really need ABS. The bike over 8000 miles has been 100% reliable. Always starts right up, and is easy to maintain other than the air filter. Center stand helps with chain lube. Wish it had shaft drive, but understandable considering the low price. I wore the original Bridgestone rear tire out prematurely at 5K miles, but that was my fault for not checking the pressure often enough. Lesson learned. Transmission shifts like butter. Enough said there. Has typical Honda first gear clunk, but normal. Engine feels as smooth as the inline 4 cylinder of the CB650 I owned years ago, but the CTX is without the strung-out RPM's. It doesn't take much to get the CTX going and it will cruise at interstate speeds with no trouble at all at lower RPM's. At 50 HP it's not a powerhouse, but don't let it deceive you- it will walk away from heavy Harleys or anything but exotic supercars at the light effortlessly. This engine is excellent, and reports of over 100K miles of life... well, it's a Honda, 'nuff said. And MPG- how about 60 or so? Every day, every time. Comfort? OK, the stock saddle sucks. I got the stepped low Corbin, and that did it. Comfy as it gets on long country rides. This bike seems to fit newer or older experienced riders the best. Those who want to gain experience on an easily managed bike or those older guys or gals who just like to cruise the back roads. It's not the sport-bike for the male-dominant testosterone fueled 20 year old. Best thing is there are a lot of options and accessories for this bike, you can easily customize it for your wants/needs.
- Mark P., Pennsylvania

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